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Interview Questions

Ask leading questions that build on a favorite family anecdote or that will spark a memory, not just an simple answer. Build on the recollections as a conversation and not an interrogation.

  • Food variety certainly has changed over the years. What kind of things did you eat as a child? What was your favorite (and what did you hate?) Was your mother a good cook?
  • It's that time of year again when school starts. What was your school like? Did you ride a school bus? What was your favorite subject?
  • I remember seeing that [furniture, artifact] from childhood. What can you tell me about it? Who first acquired it?
  • Weddings are very expensive today. Tell me about your wedding day.
  • How did you learn to drive? Describe your first (or favorite) car.
  • First home?
  • First job?
  • What did the family think of President ______ when you were growing up? Did you have a different opinion?
  • Has our family always been [religious affiliation]?
  • Who in our family served in the military? Was it a career or just a stint?

What other questions would you ask?


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